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Alberts Worsley Wedding Photography

    Alberts Worsley Wedding Photography – Stephanie & Craig

    Alberts Worsley isn’t just your average venue – it offers a unique and special atmosphere for any wedding, as was the case when Craig and Stephanie tied the knot!

    They knew they wanted to have their big day at Alberts from the get-go ­– with its clean white walls and plenty of features to create some beautiful wedding photography. The couple will cherish beautiful memories. 

    But how did they get to this day? Let’s go back to when they first met and their journey to matrimony. How did the groom know he had found the right one? Because once he got into her taxi, there was no turning back!

    The story

    The story is one made in (taxi) heaven. 10 years ago, they met in a local pub, and Craig hopped into Steph’s taxi. It must have felt like destiny because the couple fell madly in love soon after and started building their life together.

    Little did the couple know that after 10 wonderful years and a house and baby later, Craig would get down on one knee and surprise Steph with 10 cards. He had pre-prepared 10 cards to celebrate their ten-year relationship.

    In it, he’d written all the memories they had made. That moment solidified their lasting bond and set the stage for their upcoming Alberts Worsley wedding day!

    When they look back on the situation now, it almost seems like fate! What makes the two so special is that Craig always puts Stephanie first and makes her laugh to no end. On the other hand, Steph always thinks of others before herself – a beautiful trait that complements him greatly!

    Alberts Worsley Wedding photographer confetti shoot

    Alberts Worsley wedding day

    They could hardly keep their eyes off one another and their love consumed them entirely, yet they still felt beyond excited for their official wedding day! The couple is looking forward to celebrating 10 years of being together – a union that had held strong since that fateful day when Craig jumped into Stephanie’s taxi all those years ago.

    That’s why they’ve decided to go for a botanical theme with sage and flowers. It’s the perfect mix of green and brown. This is not only romantic but timeless and works perfectly as a tribute to their 10-year journey! 

    But it appears the couple has already been surprised once. Stephanie admitted they wish they had known earlier how expensive caterers can be when it comes to planning a wedding day!

    Putting aside the hiccups, these adorable pair are ready for the biggest celebration of their lives. All their nearest and dearest will be in attendance, and their love will be felting even more than ever before!

    Alberts first dance Worsley wedding

    At the end, everyone’s happy

    Their timeless love story has not only tricked Alberts Worsley wedding but also us. With all the excitement, love, and unexpected surprises, we can only wish them the best of luck. 

    We’re confident they’ll go on to have even more beautiful memories together as they extend the story of their incredible journey. With Alberts providing the perfect backdrop, Craig and Stephanie have set off a fairytale that will continue for decades.

    Let’s hope that the taxi driver gets an invitation to the wedding! All in all, it just goes to show how two people can find their destiny when they least expect it. Congrats to both of you!