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Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography

    Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography – A Fairytale Under Grey Skies

    Last Wednesday, the magic of love hit over blustery weather at Combermere Abbey. As a natural wedding photographer , I had the incredible honour of capturing Sandra and Chris’ beautiful wedding, just a comfortable 35-mile drive from the heart of Manchester.

    While the weather forecast threatened to dampen the mood with rain and wind, nothing could dim the radiant love story unfolding at this stunning venue. Sandra and Chris, true believers in the power of natural wedding photography, wanted their photos to capture the genuine emotions and heartfelt connections of their special day.

    Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography

    Love in the Details: A Natural Approach

    From the very beginning, it was clear that Sandra and Chris weren’t interested in staged or overly-posed shots. Their focus was on capturing the raw beauty of their love story – the nervous excitement before the ceremony, the joy-filled tears during their vows (thanks Chris for those tears, helping a lot on online engagement xx) and the relaxed laughter shared with loved ones throughout the day.

    This emphasis on natural moments allowed me to create a beautiful pack of photos that truly reflected the essence of their connection. Whether it was a tender glance exchanged across the room or the pure happiness radiating from their smiles, every captured moment resonated with authenticity.

    Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography

    Combermere Abbey: A Dreamlike Backdrop

    Combermere Abbey itself offered the perfect setting for this natural aesthetic. The Abbey’s historic architecture provided a timeless elegance, while the surrounding gardens added a touch of whimsical charm. Despite the wind and rain, we ventured outdoors for a quick photoshoot during a lull in the weather. The soft light peeking through the clouds created a beautifully diffused glow that perfectly complemented the Abbey’s picturesque grounds.

    Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography

    Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography – The Best Trio

    Of course, capturing natural photos on a windy and rainy day presented its own set of challenges. However, Sandra and Chris, along with their amazing bridesmaids – Alice, Emily and Lucy – approached everything with grace and good humor. Their positive energy and unwavering support for each other were truly inspiring. The bridesmaids, in particular, deserve a special shout-out for their unwavering support and ability to keep things running smoothly despite the unexpected weather.

    A Celebration of Love and Pizza

    The reception provided a welcome transition indoors, offering a warm and inviting space for the festivities to continue. In a fun twist, Sandra and Chris surprised their guests with a saxophonist and delicious pizza feast. It was a unique and delightful way to break the ice and encourage mingling amongst loved ones.

    As the night unfolded, the dance floor became a vibrant hub of celebration. Laughter and joy filled the air as guests of all ages danced the night away under the twinkling fairy lights and sparklers. These moments of uninhibited celebration were a joy to capture, reminding me of the pure happiness that weddings bring to families and friends.

    Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography sparklers

    A Day to Remember: Among My Best

    Looking back, Sandra and Chris’ wedding at Combermere Abbey ranks among the most memorable I’ve ever photographed. Despite the unexpected weather, their love story shone through with a brilliance that no amount of wind or rain could extinguish. The genuine emotions, the unwavering support of their bridesmaids, and the fun-filled reception with pizza all contributed to a truly exceptional day.

    Congratulations once again to Sandra and Chris! May your love story continue to flourish with the same warmth and joy that filled your wedding day. For anyone considering Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography and a natural approach to capturing memories, Sandra and Chris’ special day is a beautiful testament to the magic that unfolds within these historic walls.

    For pricing please visit the dedicated page. Enjoy their wedding day preview.