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Copthorne Hotel Manchester

    Copthorne Hotel Manchester

    What to expect from these professionals

    The experienced team at the Copthorne Hotel Manchester will ensure that your special day is memorable.

    The Copthorne Hotel Manchester will provide the perfect venue for your wedding celebrations. Planning ahead is the key to a successful wedding. Therefore you will be provided with your own dedicated wedding planner, who will work with you throughout the planning process, guiding you in choosing from four wedding packages and suites. They will then hand over to the event management team who have experience in delivering the perfect wedding day.

    We started with a pre-wedding shoot

    Lydia and Alesha were the heroes of one of my earlier blog posts. A couple of months ago, I did their pre-wedding photo shoot. We had a jolly time as I took many swell photos of them in the vicinity of Swinton Civic Centre. And this time, I had the delight of being the photographer at their wedding, which took place at Copthorne Hotel Manchester.

    The story started long time ago

    A wedding day is more than a celebration; it is a time for reflection. It opens a window into prior times and allows us to see how past and present intermingle to create harmony. Alesha and Lydia met online back in 2016. Some unseen connection already existed between the two even when they met for their first date, a picnic at the park which was followed by a movie and a game of heads-up. It felt like time had accelerated its speed and at some point they realised that they had spent the whole day together.

    Their third date was equally eventful. As the Liverpool Eye kept raising them above the urban landscape, opening a panoramic view of the city, Alesha read out a poem she had written herself, an ode dedicated to Lydia. And with the final verse recited, Alesha asked Lydia to be her girlfriend…

    Copthorne Hotel Manchester Wedding Photographer

    Copthorne Hotel Manchester – wedding day

    With this we return to the present. Copthorne Hotel Manchester is a venue that stands right by the waterfront of Salford Quays. The couple does not keep up with the various wedding-related trends. They wanted their wedding to be grounded and personal, to revolve around the things they love and enjoy. Flowers, candles, and a bit of gold fused together to fill the room with a sense of love, connection, and fun.

    A wedding day is also about everyone getting together. Naturally, the couple’s loved ones were there to witness this unique day at Copthorne Hotel Manchester. Dave and Alison, Lydia’s parents attended along with her brother, Alex. Sharon and Mark, Alesha’s mum and dad were there too. One could find Lydia’s and Alesha’s cousins and friends amongst the many attendees. Some of their loved ones met each other for the first time. Of course, I memorialised this occasion with many photos.

    Copthorne Hotel Manchester Wedding Photographer couple shoot

    Copthorne Hotel Manchester

    If you’re looking for stunning wedding photography and a Manchester wedding photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, get in touch!