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Engagement Photography The Park Royal Hotel Manchester

    The Park Royal Hotel: Rachael & Danny’s Dream Wedding (Just 5 Weeks Away!)

    The excitement is palpable! With their wedding day at The Park Royal Hotel in Manchester just five weeks away, Rachael and Danny are brimming with anticipation. I recently had the pleasure of capturing their pre-wedding photos at the very venue where they’ll soon say “I do,” and it was an experience filled with laughter, love, and the promise of a truly unforgettable celebration.

    Beyond the Ordinary: A Venue Full of Character

    The Park Royal Hotel isn’t your typical wedding venue. Nestled conveniently just outside Manchester, it offers a unique blend of contemporary style and natural charm. We were immediately drawn to the hotel’s diverse landscape, a photographer‘s paradise brimming with potential for capturing stunning natural light photographs. From the vibrant yellow flowers that bloomed beautifully in March (perfect timing, Rachael and Danny!) to the endless conservatory with its warm, golden ambience, each corner offered a fresh and exciting backdrop for their pre-wedding shoot.

    Conquering Camera Jitters with Laughter

    Let’s face it, having a camera pointed at you can feel a little nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not a seasoned model. But that’s precisely where pre-wedding shoots come in handy! Not only did it allow us to discuss the wedding day’s timeline and special requests with Rachael and Danny, but it also served as a fantastic icebreaker. Those initial “awkward” moments of holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes in public? They quickly transformed into genuine laughter and playful interactions. These candid expressions of love and joy are exactly what make for the most beautiful and natural photographs.

    A Pre-Wedding Adventure at The Park Royal Hotel

    Our pre-wedding adventure began at the hotel’s picturesque entrance, where the vibrant yellow blooms provided a stunning natural frame. We then embarked on a journey of discovery, utilizing every corner of the venue as our personal photoshoot playground. From the surprisingly artistic angles of the multi-story car park to the serene tranquility of the on-site pond, each location offered a unique perspective. And of course, the open field provided the perfect opportunity to unleash the magic of drone photography, capturing the vastness of the property and the excitement of the upcoming celebration.

    A Sneak Peek at What’s to Come

    Stay tuned for a sneak peek into Rachael and Danny’s magical wedding day at The Park Royal Hotel! I can’t wait to share the culmination of their love story and the stunning visuals captured within this beautiful venue.

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    A small preview from their shoot.