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Flixton House “till death” shoot

    Flixton House “till death” shoot

    This project filled me with excitement the moment I took it on. It promised to be not just a photo session, but a true Flixton House Gothic experience.

    Our shooting location was Flixton House, one of my favourite venues, an early 19th century building. The manor’s interiors with high ceilings and old-styled fireplaces serve as reminders of a bygone era. It is a perfect setting for a photo shoot of this kind.

    First of all, I would like to praise the work of the team that made our Fixton House Gothic photo shoot such a sensation. Emma from Ex-pose Events was in charge of decorations. And I must admit: she managed to completely transform the bright function rooms that I remember from my previous projects at the manor into something reminiscent of a horror film set. Kelly dealt with the make-up, transforming the model into a completely different character. There was Ellie, our prime model, who also arranged the flowers. And of course there were the venue’s event organisers, Debbie and Sian, assisting us every way they could.

    Flixton House gothic details

    Thusly, Flixton House turned into a domain of the macabre. The late spring sun was shining brightly outside, but inside the walls of the manor, it was hard to tell what season or time of day it was. Long black drapes hanging around the room prevented the light from entering. The candles that glowed faintly on table were our main source of illumination, their burning figures reflected on the surface of gold-tinted plates. The table skirt was black, chosen to match the drapes. Crimson roses and skull ornaments, some of the symbols of the Gothic style, too found a place amongst the decorations.

    Ellie appeared in two incarnations during this Flixton House Gothic photo session, first dress from @scarlettayla and second from @hannahblackbridal. One moment, she was a Goth girl, looking at the camera with a melancholic gaze. She wore a black outdoor outfit. The jacket bore skeletal motifs @niamhdesigns; the hem lines of her skirt ended where the top edges of her boots began. Soon enough, she became a completely different character: a Queen of Darkness in a long flowing robe that exposed her shoulders with spikes extending out of the tiara on her head. At one point she sat down on her makeshift throne, regal and imposing like the Bride of Dracula.

    Flixton House gothic couple

    I took many great photos during the session. And though the icy atmosphere of the event almost made a chill run down my spine a couple of times, I would gladly do something similar again.

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