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Higher Trapp House Wedding Photography

    Whispers of Love: Higher Trapp House Wedding Photography

    Higher Trapp House Wedding Photography Delight

    Discovering ‘The Girls Room’

    Embark on the enchanting journey of your Higher Trapp House wedding in the refined ambiance of ‘The Girls Room.’ This spacious haven, designed for bridal preparations, becomes the perfect canvas for your wedding day magic.

    Higher Trapp House Drone Wedding Photography the girls room bridal suite

    Transitioning to the Bridal Suite

    As preparations unfold, the bridal party gracefully moves to the bridal suite, adorned with a charming bay window. This space, bathed in soft natural light, becomes the focal point for capturing the essence of your radiant beauty.

    Higher Trapp Gazebo Wedding Photography

    Higher Trapp House wedding photography – A Gazebo Affair

    Exchange your vows in the mesmerizing outdoor gazebo, weather permitting. Nestled amidst nature, it provides an enchanting backdrop for your Higher Trapp House wedding photography. The indoor ceremony room offers an elegant alternative if weather surprises.

    Higher Trapp Gazebo Wedding Photography capturing timeless moments

    Capturing Timeless Moments

    Whether indoors or outdoors, Higher Trapp House offers timeless settings for your wedding photography. From the gazebo’s natural stage for group shots to the classic charm of the ceremony room, every frame becomes a testament to your joyous gathering.

    Higher Trapp Gazebo Wedding Photography nighttime drone shoot

    Nighttime Romance: Illuminating Love

    As day transitions into evening, the allure of nighttime wedding photography takes center stage. Higher Trapp House transforms into a captivating scene, illuminated for your nighttime portraits, creating a stunning backdrop.

    Higher Trapp Gazebo Wedding Photography aerial drone group photo

    Aerial Perspectives: Drone Wedding Photography

    Elevate your visual narrative with drone wedding photography. Capture breathtaking aerial views of Higher Trapp House and its surroundings, adding a unique perspective to your wedding album.

    Higher Trapp Gazebo Wedding Photography glow sticks photo

    Glow Sticks and Nighttime Revelry

    As the celebration continues into the night, glow sticks add a touch of whimsy, creating captivating visual effects for your wedding photography. Illuminate your festivities with this enchanting addition.

    Higher Trapp Gazebo Wedding Photography lancashire wedding photographer black and white

    Preserving Every Moment: Your Lancashire Wedding Photographer

    Your Higher Trapp House wedding photography journey is an artful preservation of every moment. As your dedicated Lancashire wedding photographer, my lens tells the tale of your magical celebration. Relive these moments where memories forever glow in your love story tapestry.

    a story to remember

    Tia & Matthew – A story to remember

    Once upon a time, in the magical land of college lectures and awkward cafeterias, two souls collided at the tender age of 17. It was a collision of textbooks, questionable fashion choices, and the unmistakable spark that sets love stories in motion.

    Fast forward a bit, and they found themselves navigating the tumultuous waters of a long-distance relationship, bridging the gap between universities at opposite ends of the country. Those rare moments together became the stuff of legends, filled with laughter, stolen glances, and promises of a shared future.

    fun wedding photography

    Then came the proposal—a symphony of romance orchestrated in a Welsh cabin. After a day of city wandering, boat rides, and indulgent meals, Matthew seized the moment, dropping to one knee in the cabin. Champagne flowed, and the hot tub witnessed the celebration of a love destined for eternity.

    What binds these two lovebirds together? It’s not just the vows; it’s the beautiful synergy of pulling each other out of their comfort zones. Tia brings Matthew out of his shell, while he keeps her grounded. Their love story is like a perfectly crafted sitcom where humor reigns supreme.

    But what sets them apart in the realm of romance? It’s their delightful nicknames—Squish and Squishy. In the grand tapestry of love, these quirky monikers add a touch of whimsy, a secret language that only the two of them understand.

    aerial drone photography Lancashire wedding photographer higher trapp

    The Higher Trapp House wedding photography

    As they eagerly anticipate the grand day, Matthew dreams of the feast that awaits—the culinary symphony that will tantalise taste buds. On the other hand, Tia envisions herself donning the elegant wedding dress, ready to step into a fairy tale.

    And what about trends? Well, these lovebirds dance to the beat of their own drum, unfazed by fleeting fashions. Their wedding will be a reflection of their personalities—authentic, vibrant, and uniquely theirs.

    As for the inspiration behind the decor, it’s a burst of bright and colorful flowers, a testament to the joy that blooms in their hearts. And let’s not forget Matthew’s passion for steam trains, adding a touch of whimsical nostalgia to the celebration.

    bride and groom higher trapp just married

    And so, the stage is set for a wedding that promises laughter, love, and a lifetime of adventures. Squish and Squishy are ready to embark on the next chapter of their story, hand in hand, hearts intertwined, and the promise of forever echoing in the air. And they lived happily ever after. The end… or rather, the beginning.

    If you like my approach and style get in touch. I’m based in Manchester, very comfortable with traveling to Higher Trapp House.