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Lakeside Ponderosa Wedding Photographer

    Lakeside Ponderosa Wedding photographer front venue

    Lakeside Ponderosa Wedding Photographer

    There are quite a few perks to being a Lakeside Ponderosa wedding photographer. This thought occurred to me as I finished another cup of coffee. However, the seemingly endless supply of coffee and peanuts I was treated to at the venue was not even the best part of the experience.

    This bridal shoot brought me to Lakeside Ponderosa, a restaurant and events venue located on the territory of the renowned Ponderosa Zoo in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.

    This photo shoot became possible through a collective effort and I would like to thank everybody who contributed to it. Kelly once again was in charge of make-up. Stacey provided two groom suits. Hayley, in turn, supplied the two dresses. Sharon dealt with everything related to flowers. And Marton, the venue’s Events Manager, played a central role in all aspects of organisation. Moreover, he was our supplier of coffee and peanuts, the same ones I mentioned earlier. xx

    Lakeside Ponderosa Wedding Photographer

    Ready, Set, Shoot!

    I spent the first part of the event hovering around Kelly as she was preparing our model, Valentina, for the photo session. A touch of make-up here and touch make-up there, and soon the model was ready. Valentina walked out of the venue in a long white gown. Her brown hair was pleated in a braid. The bridal train of her dress gracefully followed her every time she stepped forward. Daniel met her outside, clothed in a navy suit and a white shirt. My next series of photos were taken outdoors. The well-kept landscapes surrounding the restaurant are a mesmerising sight. It is a place of trimmed bushes, tall spruces, benches, a pavilion, and, as the name implies, its own small lake. A Lakeside Ponderosa wedding photographer ought to make use of the landscape’s full potential. I did just that, taking photos of the couple at many different spots.

    The dynamic between our two models left me very impressed; they accomplished to create an aura of romanticism that can be felt through every photo.

    lovely couple on the bench

    With this part done, we retreated back to the venue to do another makeover. This time, Valentina’s dress became lighter whilst Daniel’s suit turned grey. Naturally, this was followed by more photos at more spots. At one point, a couple of members of our team joined them for a photo shot.

    Do not get me wrong: I loved having coffee and peanuts at Lakeside. But doing photography on its premises is even more delightful. I hope to take on the role of a Lakeside Ponderosa wedding photographer again, again, and again.

    Check my Blog for the full preview of this beautiful shoot and list of wedding professionals.

    Lakeside Ponderosa Wedding Photographer

    If you’re looking for stunning wedding photography around a lake and a photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, I’m your guy!