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Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel wedding photography

    Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel wedding photography

    Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel wedding photography

    We often remember the good old days with rose-tinted glasses, stirring up that magical feeling. The high school years were full of adrenaline and electrifying moments, so true love can easily form then. Hilarious hijinks, teenage drama – all a perfect recipe for our heart to pound for that special someone.

    But how do we know if it’s real and not just a fleeting infatuation?

    For Andy and Caroline, something special about their connection transcended time. High school sweethearts with more history than most, they were each other’s first love.

    Andy presented Caroline with a keyring featuring his lucky charms when they were just 13 and 14 years old, and she still carries them to this day as a treasured reminder of their connection. Who knew that those lucky charms really worked?

    Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel wedding photographer romantic couple

    Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel and social media

    Social media reunited the two after they had gone their separate ways many years later. The stars aligned, and this time nothing could pull them apart.

    For Andy, Caroline was the perfect woman in every way. For Caroline, he was the unmistakable key to her future that she had been searching for all along. Thanks to those lucky charms, maybe?

    The time had come for Andy to put that cloverleaf keyring to work again. He was in the planning stages of his proposal, and he wanted it to be perfect.

    York seemed the obvious choice, awakening prized memories of their past. Andy arranged everything with meticulous planning, down to the very last detail. From their hotel to dinner, the pieces were slowly falling into place.

    The proposal

    On the night of the proposal, there was just one snag in their perfectly orchestrated plans: the first coronavirus case had been found at their very own hotel. Despite this, nothing could get in their way or spoil the mood.

    A romantic evening of drinks and food brightened up the unseasonably cool weather, leading them to one final surprise. With York Minster illuminated brightly behind him in all its Gothic glory, Andy got down on one knee and asked Caroline to marry him in a puddle (it had been raining!). There was not a single thing that could have made this moment any more perfect.

    Since then, the two say life has only gotten better together. Every day seems to reinforce the fact that this is what they have been searching for, a partnership that completes them.

    Caroline loves Andy’s happy attitude, sense of humor, and the fact that he always makes her smile. Andy is grateful that she truly listens to him and is the most thoughtful and caring person he has ever met. Ahh, that certain something – what more could you want?

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    The perfect wedding setup

    On their wedding day, Andy and Caroline wish to embrace the significance of their extraordinary union fully. With both having their own kids, they plan on double-barrel-ing their surname to bring the two families together and start their own. And, of course, they look forward to a stunning rustic-themed celebration featuring autumn colors, coziness, fairy lights, and all things happy.

    This love story shows us that even after time passes, we can still recognize the spark of something special. Andy and Caroline are an inspirational reminder that no obstacle is too big to hurdle over when it’s the real thing.

    Amid corona times, love has still found a way! With those lucky charms and carefully posed proposals, nobody could have ever predicted this fairytale romance. Here’s to hoping that Andy and Caroline remain each other’s first love for a lifetime.

    As their creative wedding photographer, I am excited to join in their story and document the moment they officially become married. Maybe Andy will share the lucky charms with their kids one day? I can’t wait to capture this journey from high school sweethearts to a beautiful family!

    bride and groom with all family

    Finally, let’s raise a glass to Andy and Caroline! We wish them a wonderful life full of passionate love and adventure. This is the beginning of their beautiful story that only time can tell – and I, for one, am ready to hear all about it!