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Mere Court Hotel Wedding Photography

    Mere Court Hotel Wedding Photography: How We Captured Miriam and Mohammad’s Special Day

    Mere Court Hotel is an elegant building that we’ve done wedding photography and visited several times over the course of our career. Today, we’ll share with you a great experience when we worked with Miriam and Mohammad at this Cheshire venue.

    If you’re still overwhelmed with wedding locations in Knutsford, this can be a helpful guide!

    About the Mere Court Hotel

    Mere Court is a beautiful four-star hotel located in Cheshire countryside, UK. Its idyllic setting serves as the perfect background for any wedding album.

    We have taken photos for many newly-weds at Mere Court Hotel, so we are really familiar with this venue. If you are still pondering over some options, check out the reasons why a Cheshire wedding photographer will love Mere Court Hotel below.

    Mere Court Wedding Photography beautiful venue

    Beautifully manicured gardens

    The most notable feature about Mere Court Hotel is seven acres of beautifully manicured gardens with colourful flower beds. In addition, there is a stream, and a wooden bridge to enhance the overall beauty of the surroundings.

    This stunning area provides a flawless backdrop for any wedding photo. No wonder why many newly-wed couples decide to record beautiful memories in these gardens

    You can scroll down to see how romantic love stories shine in these gardens through our cameras. However, we recommend saving it for later as there are a bunch of attractions awaiting for you to discover in this Knutsford venue.

    Mere Court wedding photography couple near the lake

    The stunning Mere Lake

    Mere Lake is another tranquil location that many couples want to add to their wedding albums. The lake looks even more stunning on sunny days, with sunlight reflecting off the water creating a sparkling effect.

    Such natural light can be both rewarding and challenging to photographers. With our 10 years of experience, we know how to handle bright light to produce beautiful photographs. As you can see, our photos are always full of warmth and vibrancy, while still retaining all the details as they should be.

    Intimate indoor spaces

    Mere Court also offers a variety of indoor spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. All the rooms we have the chance to work with are elegantly decorated and radiate an intimate vibe. 

    Capturing photos in an indoor space is a totally different case, as we need to rely on artificial light more. However, it isn’t a huge challenge for our award-winning photographers. We are still able to create quality photographs with our high-grade equipment and lighting experience.

    Even if the power goes out (which is unlikely at Mere Court), we can still improvise to deliver beautiful images, so don’t worry!

    Mere Court wedding photography the dance floor

    Mere Court wedding photography: The story of Miriam and Mohammad

    Miriam and Mohammad are a recent couple that we had pleasure to work with at Mere Court Hotel.

    How we met Miriam and Mohammad

    Miriam and Mohammad contacted us as they were looking for experienced photographers that do Mere Court wedding photography. As usual, we had a meeting beforehand, which turned out great. The couple decided to trust their wedding albums to us. Of course, we didn’t fail to live up to their expectations.

    Communication is the key to wedding photography. That’s why we always organise some meetings with our clients to ensure they feel comfortable working with us. There is even a pre-wedding photoshoot for both sides to get to know each other.

    Mere Court wedding flowers

    Mere Court Wedding Photography: The big day unfolded

    We began our work when the bride and groom were getting ready for their wedding ceremony at the church.

    The church ceremony was emotional, and we were glad to capture all candid emotions of the two main characters as well as the guests. The moment when Miriam and Mohammad exchanged their vows was beautifully captured from a respectful distance so that it didn’t interfere with the atmosphere. 

    As we are specialised in capturing natural wedding photos, rest assured that we excel in distance photography. We always strive to capture candid, beautiful photographs without interrupting the flow of such a special day.

    Natural wedding photo timeless black and white

    After the church ceremony, we added a natural touch to the wedding album by taking some photos of Miriam and Mohammad in the lush gardens of Mere Court. 

    They both looked stunning, right? The lush greenery really complemented the dark blue suit and the white wedding dress of the newly-weds.

    The ceremony ended in the reception room, where we had the chance to capture the couple’s first dance. All of the guests were sharing their joy too, creating a lively atmosphere.

    gardens couple shoot

    Natural wedding photography at Mere Court Hotel

    That’s how we typically take Mere Court wedding photography. We always use our expertise to capture beautiful images without interfering with the emotions of the day. As seen in the photographs, the couples and the guests were just enjoying themselves fully without posing.

    If you’re looking for a Mere Court affordable wedding photographer, we’re glad to help! With our experience and expertise, we will surely deliver a wedding album that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

    Contact Mooncast Photo & Video to book a meeting in which we’ll discuss wedding photography prices your requirements and so on. Let’s make your wedding the best day of your life!