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Milka Wedding Photographer

    Milka Wedding Photographer

    I love, love, love Milka Chocolates! 

    Milka Wedding Photographer, some words which are hard to work together, but have a look! It’s a brand that is known across Europe. In addition, if you keep your eyes open, you will also find it in some shops here in the UK as well as online. It is my absolute favourite and I just know that I will never get fat from it. Believe me I tried, but my body is not the type. Therefore you can never buy me too much Milka Chocolate. 

    Brides, please don’t be jealous, as sometimes I wish I could be as big and strong as your fiancé. 🙂 He cannot be the one to capture your beauty if you want him in at least a few of the photos right? Therefore, let me do that for you and we will all be friends. Everything works better this way.

    Chocolate may be a strange subject for me to talk about, considering I am a wedding photographer. However,  you must understand I have to keep my strength up. I love what I do, but it is hard work shooting your wedding and editing all of your beautiful pictures. If you will keep me supplied with my favourite brand, I will certainly reward you with the best images ever. Also, if you bring me Milka to the consultation, I will give you a huge 10% discount.

    milka wedding photographer

    Milka wedding photographer

    Above all, when you bring me Milka, I will know that you read this and have taken time to choose me carefully. Therefore, I know you value my work as much as I value your wedding. In other words, I will know that we can work well together. There are many things in my camera bag that are always useful for brides, therefore, by the time my couples set off on honeymoon we are like family, so it is good to learn about each other from the start. That way, if you have anything on your mind you can rely on my experience. This means that you can relax because when everyone else is busy with their part in your day, I am right there by your side to ease your worries.