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Shaw Wedding Photographer Pre-wedding shoot

    Shaw Wedding Photographer

    Lia’s and George’s pre-weeding shoot has left me with a series of quite strong impressions. Being a Shaw wedding photographer, I was bound to have these for several reasons.

    Lia looked stunning. She was clad in a white dress embroidered with pink-green floral motifs that seemed like they were tailored to harmonise with the landscape around her. A tiara woven out of flowers crowned her head. One could get an impression that she was a princess or fairy who stepped out right out of a folktale. As for George… he is the prince of this story. Though he did not arrive at the scene atop a white horse, his stylish white jacket was just as impressive.

    I must add one important detail. It was April, the month of cherry tree blossoms. The cherry tree in bloom is a mesmerising sight. In Japan, blooming season is a special occasion, an entire festival; one that takes place around the same time, for that matter. And during this time, people gather under the sakura to meet with friends, have picnics, or just relax.

    Shaw wedding photographer couple kiss

    Blossomed trees romantic shoot

    However, this shoot took place not in one of the tranquil gardens of Kyoto, but in a park in the Shaw area of Greater Manchester. Nevertheless, the flowering scenery before me sometimes made me wonder whether I have been magically transported to a different part of the world.

    During this pre-wedding shoot, the couple once again demonstrated that their relationship was blossoming just like the trees around them. They tenderly held each other in their arms. At one point, George lifted Lia off the ground. Had she wanted to, she would have stoked one of the pink flowers of the nearby tree. They sat down for their picnic. Champagne sparkled in the glasses the couple was posing with. At that moment, their Shaw wedding photographer would not have minded a drink himself.

    Lia and George also took the opportunity to go for a stroll amidst the trees that were blooming with millions of pink petals.

    In conclusion, I would like to confess one thing: I am not completely sure if these actually were cherry trees.  After all, I am not a horticulturist; just your friendly Shaw wedding photographer. Yet even if these were not, they are worthy substitutes when it comes to finding beautiful backgrounds.

    Shaw wedding photographer romantic

    Shaw Wedding Photographer

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