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Swinton Wedding Photographer

    Swinton Wedding Photographer – Lydia & Aleesha

    I personally loved every click of this Swinton based pre-wedding shoot.

    I had the delight of meeting Aleesha and Lydia when the pair came to me looking for a Swinton wedding photographer for their upcoming special day. We had a detailed chat during which we discussed various details related to their vision of their future wedding album. I had a great time as we talked and got to know each other. And though their wedding day was still yet to come, I got to take some amazing photos during the pre-wedding shoot.

    The session took place around Swinton Civic Centre. I wanted this shoot to have a real Swinton vibe to it. After all, what is this part of Great Manchester known for? It is an area of quiet streets, verdant neighbourhoods, and nice parks. A Swinton wedding photographer ought to keep this in mind if he is truly interested in capturing the spirit of the place during the shoot. So not surprisingly, vegetation was a constant feature of the session. Whenever I took a photo, one plant or another always found a way to sneak into the picture.

    Benches and stone fences are some of the images that appear before our eyes as we think about areas such as Swinton. Naturally, we found these in the vicinity of the civic centre and there was enough time to pose on them.

    Swinton wedding photographer – The eagle eye

    I also noticed that an artistic vibe too was running through many of the images. Look at this example. There was Lydia leaning backwards, her hand extended and her right foot in the air as Aleesha held on to her. Does it not remind you a still moment from the tango? One could get an impression that a second later Lydia will pull herself forward and the pair’s blazing dance will continue.

    Or here is another one. Lydia is standing in front of Aleesha. Her legs are joined; her hands are elegantly crossed on her abdomen. You might think that the moment the music starts to play the two will begin swirling around with grace like figure skaters on an ice rink.

    A Manchester wedding photographer is truly fortunate: he gets to work with wonderful people at great locations. What else is there to add?

    If you’re looking for an documentary wedding photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, I’m your guy!

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