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Village Hotel Wedding Photographer

    Village Hotel Wedding Photographer for Kay and Peter: A Wedding to Remember

    When Kay and Peter trusted us to be their Village Hotel wedding photographer, we knew the photos would turn out stunning. Village Hotel provides a perfect venue for wedding ceremonies, with its elegant decor and attentive service.

    So today, we’ll share our process and showcase some of our best photos on that special day.

    If you’re wondering whether to celebrate your wedding at the Village Hotel or not, this could also be a helpful guide. Sit back and enjoy it!

    Village Hotel Cheadle wedding photographer bride groom moment

    About Village Hotel: Why it is a great wedding venue

    As Manchester wedding photographers, we frequent a lot of beautiful wedding venues around Manchester, particularly Cheshire. The Village Hotel is definitely one that leaves a lasting impression. It may not have the most diverse surroundings for different photo concepts, but the event spaces will surely satisfy newly-weds for its versatility.

    To be more specific, the Village Hotel offers several event spaces to cater to weddings of all sizes. It is also dedicated to decorating the space to provide the best backdrop for your wedding album.

    Village Hotel Cheadle wedding photographer couple kiss

    Village Hotel wedding photographer: The love story of Kay and Peter

    The love story of Kay and Peter started 17 years ago when they met on Boxing Day. A friend of Kay brought him along, thinking “the more, the merrier”. Little did that friend know that she would be the match-maker for Kay’s and Peter’s romantic story.

    Kay fell in love with Peter for his hard-working and family-oriented personality. Meanwhile, Peter found his girl really caring and considerate. That’s why they decided to write a happy ending for their story with a wedding at Village Hotel after 17 years. We were more than honoured to be a part of it!

    We had the pleasure to return to the Village Hotel for Kay and Peter’s special day. The couples were searching for Cheshire wedding photographer who focuses on natural photography for a while. When they found us online, they were happy with our portfolio and arranged a meeting shortly after.

    That’s how newly-weds typically find us to join them for the wedding day. We have 10 years of experience in natural wedding photography, and our gallery does a great job in demonstrating our commitment.

    Communication is also our strength. We always strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for our couples. They just need to relax and enjoy their big day!

    wedding photography bride and groom

    Kay and Peter’s wedding: A Day to remember

    Our work at Village Hotel began the same time when Kay and Peter prepared for their wedding ceremony. As in the photos, Kay looked stunning in her white wedding dress. Peter looked dapper while waiting for her bride, but his smile couldn’t hide the nervousness. That exactly demonstrated our approach to wedding photography: genuine and candid.

    black and white couple shoot

    In addition to coloured photos, we also provide Kay and Peter with black and white images. Black-and-white concept makes the photos classic and timeless and Village Hotel is a great backdrop.

    After the ceremony, we headed outside for some classic portraits and staged shots of the couples with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. It’s important to direct the whole crowd into position at that time, and gladly we did it well! The couples shined in every photo we captured.

    beautiful bridesmaids in front of the venue

    The beautiful couple shoots

    Thank you Village Hotel for the effort put in decorating the space for Kay and Peter. The whole room had an elegant vibe, with the MR & MRS sparkling sign as the spotlight. The photo of Kay spinning in front of that sign turned out some of the best ones we captured on that day.

    We’re sure that Kay and Peter will cherish their wedding album at Village Hotel for years to come.

    bride spinning in front of letters

    Looking for a natural Village Hotel wedding photographer?

    We’re always excited about the opportunity to capture beautiful wedding albums at the Village Hotel.

    Contact us if:

    > You’re about to celebrate your wedding at Village Hotel or any venue in Manchester or beyond

    > You are interested in natural wedding photography

    > You are looking for a Manchester based wedding photographer with a lot of experience

    Don’t worry about wedding photography prices yet. Just have a talk to see if we fit your specific needs of a photographer or videographer, and whether you two feel comfortable around us.

    Take your time to consider all options! We’re always here to help.