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wedding venue stunning look with lake in front

Wedding Venues: Manchester, Cheshire, Yorkshire

In wedding photography, venues are not mere locations; they are sets. A venue does not just serve as a background for a photo shoot – your choice of venue can shape the very character of your wedding.

The Range and Choice of Venues

There is a variety of different venues that couples can choose from. It is all about deciding what type is best to their liking. Check our 10 Cheap Wedding Venues in Manchester blog for our breakdown.

Do you want to experience the feel of old England? You might want to choose a manor as your venue. Centuries-old manors are scattered across the landscapes of this country, urban and rural.

Alternatively, you might want your wedding photography venue to have a chivalric feel to it. Then you can hold your wedding at a castle. Celebrate your special day in the same halls where medieval knight held their feasts.

On the other hand, you might be drawn to something modern. Hotels and restaurants offer wedding suites that could fit hundreds of guests and attendants and creatively-devised wedding programmes.

Or perhaps you prefer tradition and would like to have your wedding held at a place of worship, surrounded by the echoes of religious hymns.

And these are just several examples. Even the most unusual locations can be converted into charming wedding photography venues.

Wedding venues Manchester - Mere Court Hotel Manchester - Mooncast Photo & Video

Mere Court Hotel

Wedding venues Manchester - Didsbury House Hotel - Mooncast Photo & Video

Didsbury House Hotel

Worsley Court House - Mooncast Photo & Video

Worsley Court House

Our Approach is shaped for each wedding venue

As we have written earlier, your venue will shape the character of your special day. But it is the role of these Manchester wedding photographers to capture and preserve that character.

And we can do just that. Possessing a wealth of experience of covering weddings at different types of venues, we have our ways of uniting person, location and moment into a harmonious image. After all, the same venue can appear in one light on a sunny day in June and in another on snowy February evening. No matter what type of venue you choose, no matter what time of year it is, we can create entire albums of stunning photos anywhere. Adaptable to every imaginable scenario, we can work in different conditions and environments.

On the Topic of Favourites

This section is dedicated to our favourite wedding venues. Here, you can find out more about our experiences, the things that make each of these places special, the intriguing stories behind them, and the people who turn weddings into absolute sensations. And who knows; maybe these entries will help you identify your dream venue?

Wedding Venues – Photography and Videography

If you’re looking for natural wedding photography and a creative wedding photographer we would love to be part of your wedding and create beautiful memories at stunning venues.

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