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Weddings on the Water

    Weddings on the water

    Weddings on the water

    Whenever we start thinking about wedding days, our imagination forms images of spacious indoor venues and large outdoor gazebos. However, stereotypes can become quite tiresome. So it is no wonder that more and more couples look for alternative settings. So allow me to tell you about one such option: holding weddings on the water.

    Recently, I had the privilege of doing one of the most unusual photo shoots in my experience. The shoot’s aim is to promote a new business titled ‘Weddings on the Water Manchester’. The session revolved around a model couple who are planning to marry soon, but the event provides a depiction of a way such a ceremony could go.

    married couple on the boat

    I saw two different worlds united into one on the bank of one of Greater Manchester’s canals. On one hand, there were the river boat crew with their navy uniforms and visor sailor caps. On the other hand, there was the groom in tux and the bride in white. And of course, there was the celebrant, an irreplaceable figure of every wedding. And in the meantime, the barge was waiting to set sail.

    I must confess; this wedding photographer turned out to be a landlubber who shot most of the photos from the shore. Yet at one point I got a chance to become a type of benevolent pirate as I boarded the vessel to take quite a few crazy shots.

    The barge coursed its way down the canal. Whichever way I looked, I found idyllic scenery. Ducks swam pass the vessel and geese gazed from the shore. After all, when you are holding weddings on the water, you are bound to have water birds as witnesses.

    I remember the moment when the barge went under a bridge with a gathering of people. Some were likely out on a stroll and enjoying the views. Others might have been out and about their daily business. But the sight caught their attention and moments later the bridge erupted with an entire symphony of applauses.

    Weddings on the water ceremony

    The experience has its own programme. The ceremony itself takes place onboard. At one point, the couple disembarks to have a nice little picnic along with an amorous photo session. Afterwards, they sail back to meet their guests.

    We humans are beings of land; practically all the events of our lives happen on the ground. However, this session made me understand the potential for unforgettable experiences and memories that weddings on the water have.

    Weddings on the water just married

    Team behind the shoot

    Photography: Mooncast Photo & Video
    Bridal Dress: Willow & Wilde Bridal
    Flowers: The Alternative Florist
    MUA and Hair: MakeUp by Kelly Waters
    Celebrant JL On the Day, Joanne Lazarus Celebrant

    If you’re looking for one of the themed Weddings on the water and a wedding photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, get in touch.