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Winter Wedding at The Roman Lakes Marple

    Winter Wedding: Lauren & Jamie Tie the Knot at Roman Lakes Marple

    Hold the Hallmark movies and reindeer sleighs – Lauren and Jamie’s December wedding brought a different kind of winter magic to Roman Lakes Marple. Sure, it wasn’t a snowy paradise straight out of a Christmas dream, but with fairy lights twinkling amidst the bare branches, laughter echoing across the lake, and a surprise Santa Claus appearance (more on that later!), it was pure festive joy.

    Now, I’m not just any wedding photographer. Roman Lakes and I are practically best buds (and maybe my baby in his duck-spotting harness too!). This hidden gem in the Goyt Valley isn’t just stunning, it’s got history woven into its every stone. And trust me, Lauren and Jamie knew just how to make the most of its unique charm.

    Lovely couple near the lake at The Roman Lakes Marple

    Their love story began not at the lakeside, but at the equally enchanting Chadkirk Chapel. Imagine a 16th-century chapel nestled amidst woodland and meadows, whispering tales of bygone eras. The perfect setting for an intimate ceremony filled with heartfelt vows and a touch of pre-wedding jitters (mostly from the flower girls and page boys, let’s be honest!).

    But Roman Lakes was where the fun truly began. Picture this: rustic elegance, fairy lights twinkling like captured fireflies, and a cosy atmosphere warmed by love, laughter, and yes, mulled wine! The dress code? Think elegant lace for Lauren, relaxed vibes for Jamie and his groomsman (no stuffy jackets here!), and pure joy radiated by all.

    Roman Lakes Wedding Photography speeches

    Now, speeches are a wedding staple, but Lauren’s dad took things to the next level. Forget dry toasts and recycled jokes, imagine a heartfelt, hilarious (and maybe slightly embarrassing) speech that had everyone in stitches! Tears were shed, laughter erupted, and even the ducks on the lake seemed to quack in appreciation.

    Roman Lakes Marple – Wedding speeches

    Roman Lakes Santa’s house for a night

    But wait, there’s more! As the night deepened, a jolly figure with a booming ho-ho-ho materialized – Santa himself, bearing gifts for the newlyweds! No reindeer involved, but the surprise and smiles were just as magical.

    And the party? Pure fire. Live music filled the air, the dance floor became a swirling mass of happy feet, and the atmosphere crackled with pure, unadulterated joy. It was a winter wonderland come to life, fuelled by love, laughter, and maybe a touch of festive cheer.

    Roman Lakes Wedding Photography couple goal

    So, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who doesn’t just capture moments, but embraces the unique quirks and heart warming chaos of your celebration, look no further. Contact me, and let’s turn your dream wedding (snowy or not) into a reality. Oh, and if you really want to see Roman Lakes in all its glory, keep an eye out for those tea dances and open days – who knows, you might even spot me wandering around with my camera and my baby in his trusty harness!