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Worsley Marriott Wedding Photographer

    Worsley Marriott bride and groom jumping

    Worsley Marriott Wedding Chloe & Martin

    It is with utmost delight that I would like to share my recollections of Chloe’s and Martin’s wedding day at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club with you.

    Our couple took all measures they could in order to make sure that the memories of this special day would linger in their memories as well as the memories of all those attending the event. They found the venue and the organisers; they compiled the guest list. Yet there was one more important accessory they needed: a Worsley Marriott photographer, of course.

    Having had several experiences of doing wedding photography at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel, I eagerly accepted this task.

    bride and bridesmaid

    Naturally, the work of a wedding photographer begins long before the commencement of the ceremony. My photography session began at the couple’s home where I would glide from room to room, documenting different aspects of the wedding preparations.

    Natural wedding photography across all day

    worsley marriott grooms arival

    The next major sequence of events took place at Worsley Park Marriott.

    A Worsley Marriott photographer would find himself at a venue that is perfectly tailored to hosting weddings with its 9 events rooms and a suite that can fit up to 250 people.

    worsley park marriott ceremony room

    It was your typical day in fall, grey and cloudy. Some of the guests could be seen arriving with umbrellas shielding them from the unpredictable rains. Nevertheless, the illuminated atmosphere of a wedding celebration drove all thoughts about the weather away.

    worsley park marriott wedding venue

    The couple’s friends and relatives gathered at the hotel’s wedding suite. Martin was standing by the wedding aisle, his groomsman by his side. He maintained a stoic façade, but I am certain that deep inside he was trembling with anticipation.

    Soon enough, Chloe appeared on the scene in the company of her father. As the tradition holds, the father gave the bride away at the aisle.

    worsley marriott wedding bride and father

    Vows were exchanged and signatures were placed; and this Worsley Marriott photographer captured the first moments of a new marriage on his camera.

    worsley marriott wedding kiss

    Reception and Party

    The wedding reception gave me even more opportunities to take some spectacular photos. After all, sources of inspiration were everywhere: the table decorations and lighting, the caterpillar-shaped cakes and the Lego-inspired cake figurines, casual personal moments and nifty dance moves.

    worsley marriott wedding cutting the cake

    As for the grey clouds outside, it appears that the joyous atmosphere of the celebration made them dissolve.

    worsley marriott wedding bride and groom

    If you’re looking for a Manchester wedding photographer who will go above and beyond for every couple is working with, then, I’m your guy!